Dubai has a certain lifestyle that encourages you to always stay on trend, whether you want to dress up smart casual for brunch dates, abaya for a small evening gatherings, or an all-black ensemble for a dinner date, there is no shortage of inspiration and places to shop for your passion for fashion.

Fashion in Dubai is array of style which reflects many cultures, but it being a conservative country it is advised to dress modestly and respectfully in public places. A little tip when choosing an outfit, you might want to opt for something which reaches below your knees, keeps your shoulders covered, and lastly no cleavage.

  1. Fashion Forward – Fashion week in Dubai

Fashion Forward is equivalent to London Fashion Week. This platform provides progressive direction for the regional fashion industry. You can see more of international buyers and press attending Fashion Forward year after year recently. For 2019 Fashion forward will return as “shop now” fashion platform which will merge the retail experience showcasing regional talent. So, if you ever would like to experience the London/Paris Fashion week buzz just head down to your very own Fashion week in Dubai in search of some inspiration for the upcoming season.

  • Online Fashion

Recently there is a growth in Online shopping and things have improved. With some very well-knowns online store launches and becoming successful, it is now much easier to find trendy outfits just a click away. You will no longer find a lack of variety when buying fashion items online. Also, local brands are now acknowledging the need for online shopping by launching digital commerce version of their brands. Online Fashion makes it a lot easier for everyone to browse upcoming collections or simply choosing something online before going in store to try it out. If you spot something on Instagram, you can now simply buy it online from the comfort of your own home.

  • The Mall Experience       

The traditional mall experience cannot be beaten and still has a significance amongst Dubai lifestyle. In a city where shopping is so important there is always room for new incredible malls. While Dubai is expanding and developing new malls and shopping districts, it means more Fashion and beauty stores for the residents. You can find the international brands, regional designer outlets, and departmental stores all over this fashion hub. You can never run out of options to find trendy outfit options with numerous malls all over the city.

Fashion trends always trickle down from catwalks to highstreets brands providing for people with all kinds of budgets. Recently trends are not only limited to catwalks, instead you will see every individual walking the street, will have their own certain style. There has also been a strong online presence of celebrities and social media influencers recently, making a huge impact on fashion trends. Currently there is no shortage of trend inspiration when picking an outfit, it all comes down to your personal style and you can explore all the choices mentioned above to find inspirations that suit your style.