If you want that your family eats healthy and stay healthy then you must clean your kitchen properly. Remember, you can make hygienic food only in clean kitchen. So you should clean your kitchen on daily basis and if you want to clean it perfectly then you can also clean it weekly and monthly. Sometimes, cleaning of kitchen also depends upon your kitchen design. You can also make daily and weekly check list to clean your kitchen. You can do minor cleaning task on daily basis and major cleaning task on weekly basis. 

Daily cleaning checklist:

To make your kitchen more attractive and to do your work with responsibility you can make checklist of cleaning related task and you can paste it on the wall of your kitchen. The daily cleaning task of your kitchen are following. 

You should clean the shelves of your kitchen on daily basis. If you will not clean it properly then these shelves will become sticky so it will ruin the look of your kitchen. 

You should clean the floor of your kitchen properly. Dust comes directly in contact with floor of kitchen when you walk in the kitchen. So you should clean the floor with brush and the use mop on the floor. 

You should wash the utensils timely. Never keep them in kitchen unwashed. Because unwashed utensils in kitchen produce smell and if these remain in kitchen for few days then these produce smell. 

Weekly cleaning checklist:

Apart from your daily cleaning routine you should also clean your kitchen on weekly basis. You can also paste weekly cleaning checklist in your kitchen if you forget to clean it on weekly basis. You do following task to clean your kitchen weekly. 

Kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, dispenser and dishwasher. These are appliances which are mostly used in kitchen. So you can wash the racks of refrigerator, can clean the microwave from inside properly. 

You clean the cabinets of your kitchen from outside daily but you should also clean the cabinets of kitchen from inside. You should remove the utensils from cabinets and then you should properly clean these cabinets. If you will not properly clean then cockroaches and other insects can produce it these.

You should also wash the dusters and kitchen clothes on daily or weekly basis.