There are many translation service companies that provide different types of translation services such as technical, medical, marketing, financial and legal translation in Dubai. Mostly companies provide all types of services and some are specialized in particular field. Here we are going to discuss about different types of translation services.

Let’s see different types of services:

Scientific translation services:

In these types translation companies translate scientific documents. They translate different articles, thesis papers, conference presentations, congress booklets and study reports. They translate these documents for ordinary people. It helps to increase their understanding about science.

Financial translation services:

It is also called economic translation; it deals with financial documents, banking, and stock exchange activity. It also includes financial contracts, annual reports, financial statements, financing packages and many more that are related to finance. These translations are helpful for finance students. They are able to work on their thesis and reports. Financial translation is also important for government sector, because they can make their economic decision with the help of financial translation.

Technical translation service:

There are two ways to learn technical translation service. Let’s find out these ways:

  1. Well in broadest sense, technical translation is about manual users, internal notes, medical translations, minutes of proceeding, financial reports, administrative terms and many more that are related to technical documents.
  2. In limited sense, it refers to technical documentations like electronics, industrial texts, engineering, IT etc. it requires an extensive knowledge of technical terminologies and skills.

Legal translation services:

Legal translation covers a wide range of legal documents. It may include summons and warrants and some administrative texts like corporate statues, registration certificates and remittance drafts, it also include some technical documents such as text of judicial purpose and expert opinion. Legal documents are much complicated to understand. These translations make easy to understand legal documents, and you are able to understand court proceedings.

Judicial translation services:

In this translation services it refers to judicial documents like minutes of proceeding, expert opinions, judgments, minutes of interrogation session and deposition. Translation of these documents make easy to learn judicial activities.

Literary translation services:

Well this is hardest type of translations, because you have to learn so much about literature. You grammar should be perfect for this translation service.

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