Exhibition stand is the first thing that people will see in your exhibition set up. You have put a lot of effort on your products and on your marketing but it is of no use if your display is not so good to attract people. It is the first thing that people will see while coming to your exhibition and they will make image of your exhibition by just seeing exhibition stand. That is why it is too important to put some extra effort to make your exhibition set up attractive. It also depends on your exhibition stand builder. The people living in Dubai can find best exhibition stand builders in Dubai through websites and they can select exhibition stand builder in Dubai of their own choice. So before hiring any exhibition stand builder for your exhibition set up you should consider some points.

We have enlisted those points so that you may get guidance from this article.

Reputation of company:

Before choosing a company always know about their reputation in market. Do a market survey and get reviews of their work. Also find their customers for whom they have worked before. Talk about their behavior, comittments and way of working. Reputation of manufacturing company is extremely important because reputation of your company is also associated with the reputation of your co-working companies. So it is adviseable to do proper research about company from every aspect before start working with them.


Always know about the experience of company.  To make exhibition successful the experience of your coworking companies matters a lot. Also get information about their teamwork because only a best teamwork can give best outcome. When you go for a market survey also get information about the companies for which they have worked before. Then you can search of their work about previous events through internet and you will be able to see pictures of their previous work.


Budget is the most important thing while hiring companies for your set up.  If you are not good in budget then you should go for moderate budget companies. But budget is not always the most important thing. There are many companies in market which do excellent work in minimum budget so the first thing about the selection of company is their work, expertise and teamwork.