Necessary Tech for Event Management

Briefly, an event management process is any change or upgrade in the condition of any configuration object or IT resource. The Event Management process is an integral process utilized in the Service Operation phase of the overall ITIL lifecycle. This process incorporates all stages of planning and development, deployment and operation of any IT resource or event, application design and data migration, technical service and support and end-to-end application & network management. In addition, the event management process is essential to provide ITIL service improvement. This process involves activities like training and providing of tools, improving customer services and collection and submission of service improvements reports and maintenance.

With the improvement in ITIL service management processes and practices, the entire process of event management has been made more effective for better service delivery. However, to detect the problems as early as possible, proper tools are required for effective analysis. For this, several tools and frameworks have been designed for this purpose.

Eventual Data Collection: is one of the tools for the ITIL Service Operations stage. By performing event monitoring scans, you can detect the service and problem issues which may arise in future. For this purpose, several events can be collected through the scanning method; these include the PC, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, remote connection and the web.

These events are collected by the system and then analyzed using the event-monitoring tool. This enables the system to detect the potential incidents and develop a plan for their resolution or prevention.

ANR & MEAP: Another tool that top event companies in Dubai use is the Alert Response Network (ARN). The ARN can be integrated with the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) to send out warning events and raise alerts at the right time, in order to solve problems before they get out of hand.

ELM, ERP & BPM: The next part of the event management companies in Dubai is to analyze the collected data to identify the causes for the problems. Different tools to help in this process. The most common tool is the event log event management (ELM), which helps in identifying the root cause for the problems and initiating appropriate control action. Other tools for event management include the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process management (BPM) tools, which are able to detect events, alert the proper department, and provide control measures for its resolution.