Education was important, is important and will be important. Today the education is getting formal. It has been divided into

  1. School
  2. College, and 
  3. University.

In schools, children are admitted where they are taught basics of every subject till eighth standard and then they have option to select subjects of their choice. They study and give country based examinations. On clearing those exams, they will get certificate of passing 10th and 11th standard. After passing them, they are able to get admission in college. 

In college, the 15 to 18 year old students study their chosen subjects for two years. They have to give country based or city based examination. Majority of them try their best to get better grades and marks so that they can get admission in their dream university. Many of them even work at restaurants or other places to save money for their tuition fees of university. However, most of the countries’ government also provide money to students so that they can pursue studies at higher level without worrying about finances which can disturb the whole family if a family has not much money as required due to which many give up their dream and enrol themselves in diploma program which is not as worthy as university degree.

University is a place where students go for further studies. Each university offer different courses or subjects to students to study. A student has to select one subject in which he would specialize and other subjects to broaden his mind or to make connection of them with specializing field.
It is very difficult to get admission in world’s famous universities because their criteria is too much. They want their new students to have fluency and command in language which will be used to teach them. That’s why they test their language skills by making them to write essay and submit them. They also want a-one grader students to be enrolled. Therefore, majority of students give up their hope. Although, it is difficult, many hard-working students apply there by contacting the consultants of USA visa from Abu Dhabi or the city they live for international students scholarship to fulfill their dream and make their parents proud but only a few of them get little scholarship.

Yet, university plays an important role in grooming but it does not mean that you get hopeless after rejection. It does not mean that you waste your life by contacting consultants of Canada immigration from Dubai can guide the best, because your experiences are the biggest teacher. Your failure can educate you the most. Therefore, instead of running behind universities, be a learner. Learn from everything and be the winner who work in silence and his success speak louder.