Isn’t this a question which we all ask to ourselves? Now that we know our new apartment or office is ready to be moved in, the next big question is when? When to move, when to pack, when to know the time is right? So many when(s) but close to no answers. The most daunting task up next which you are going to face will be the packing one without the help of movers and packers in JBR. Here is a detailed check list of things which need to be packed at the right time:

6 to 4 weeks before the move

This is time when you may think that you have a lot of time to be packing and thus you end up procrastinating which – let’s be honest – doesn’t end well with half of the things being packed horribly and the other half getting lost amidst all this. Start packing off with things in your garage, basement and closet – closet may not be a good idea but just have a look for the sake of the move. Take a look at all the moving companies which can help you in loading and moving your items, book them before hand so that you don’t run out of bookings at the move day.

A month before the move

This is the time when you should get serious with all your packing supplies out and boxes labelled. Make a quick checklist of things which need to be packed and inventory of items that you own. One tip which can get you through is by making a list of contents that each box holds. Now this idea may sound insane and bizarre but when you have three boxes of kitchen utensils laying around and just a spoon that you need, it will surely be very problematic to open each box and finding the spoon in the last one.

A week before the move

This is the time when you will be almost there with your packing and the ‘most important’ things will be the ones left to pack. Find your essential things box and pack your jewellery, delicate items and the things which you will need right on the day you move. For example a pair of clothes, bathing essentials and a clean set of sheets to lie on when you are crumpled with all the hectic of moving. Throw away extra items in your fridge which you don’t need. 

If nothing works, consider hiring movers in Mirdif