It is common for someone on PCOS diet to not feel excited about Valentine’s Day because they think this special occasion is going to be the same with all the others. This shouldn’t be the case anymore because here we have got some smart chocolate alternatives to munch on this love season.

  • Alternate candy with dark chocolate covered nuts

This is probably one of the smartest alternatives which we believe you and your significant other is going to love. Candies are not only unhealthy but also remove you off track from your healthy diet plan Dubai. As compared to which dark chocolate have some amazing benefits such as anti oxidants and tooth enamel protection compound.

  • Alternate ice cream with yoghurt

We all love to binge on tubs of ice cream while having a chilled out casual date at home in PJs with Netflix but we all know what harm ice cream can do. Alternate fresh fruit and yoghurt with ice cream which has close to know added sugar yet still satisfies your sweet tooth cravings. All kinds of fruits have their own benefits and you can even have it as popsicles.

  • Replace valentine treats with chewing gum

Chewing gum is the best food distraction which anyone can opt for. Choose a sugarless gum and chew it for 20 minutes or so, this will help you with preventing cavities and because your mouth is in continuous chewing motion you don’t feel the need to fill it with something else. Check for ADA seal if confused about the sugar contents.

  • DON’T replace a warm cup of romantic coffee or tea

We all know some of the greatest love stories start from a cup of coffee at a bench near the seaside with seagulls flying above in a fall evening where a stranger passes by and you would never want to trade that moment for any herbal tea. Keep having your coffee and relive that moment with your loved one.

  • Replace Dressings with avocado

We all like to eat nachos so why not make it a healthier one? Avocado dressing is one of the best ones you can get for your late night snacks to munch on. Don’t spend Valentine’s Day without having something fun and quick which doesn’t require effort to cook but tastes delicious.