Psychologists are the trained people who treat people’s mental problems. A psychologist can also be a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist and a counselor as well. So, this seems like a great profession where you get to become more than one professional at the same time. You can also become a medicine prescriber of the patient only regarding mental illness. Now you must be wondering, how to become all of these at one time and the fact is that you will have a very long journey. Understand that psychiatrist are medical doctors as well, they can suggest you different medicines of sleeping or calming you adrenaline as well. 

However, the psychologist will just suggest you different solutions of the problems that you are having or have been experiencing. Did you know that there is a term lobotomy where a doctor, a physician and a psychiatrist can put needle in your eye pour that leads directly to the part of the brain that makes you forget things or that calm the animal inside you? Yes, this thing existed but it was banned because many people died and some became more insane after this. But there are still rumors that in some parts of the world it is still being done but very secretly.

To become a psychologist, you have to pass the GRE test which stands for graduate record examination and if you want to become a psychiatrist, you can have to pass the MCAT test which stands for medical college admission test. If you pass either of these tests with good marks only then you will be allowed to take admission in a university for graduation and then start a career. When you are in your final semester of being a psychologist or a psychiatrist, you have to select a major in which you want to develop your career like you can select the major of curing and learning about depression or anxiety, or different kinds of other syndrome or disorders. Once you have completed your degree, you need to start an internship in a hospital or in a mental asylum because that will be the only way that you will be able to learn from senior psychologists or psychiatrists. If you are looking for best and professional consultancy regarding any issue you can get counselling services in Dubai or you can get the depression therapy in Dubai.