Reasons to opt for antenatal classes

Generally, prenatal classes cover the content within around 12 hours each session. Antenatal Classes in Dubai are generally can be held weekly or on some weekend days for up to 1-2 hours. Topics are generally divided into labor, pregnancy, and birth, early birth care, pain management, childbirth positions, and breastfeeding. Tips for parents are also given on how to deal with certain obstetric conditions. Other tips include controlling premature delivery, controlling blood pressure during labor, and how to get your due date back.

Provide tips and guidelines:

Pregnant moms-to-be usually take one of two classes given by a professional team. One class is general and covers tips and guidelines on how to look after yourself before and during labor and after birth. This class focuses on controlling nausea and light bleeding, which are typical side effects of labor. Moms-to-be are also taught how to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Pregnant women learn how to manage pain:

On the other hand, expectant mothers are taught how to manage their pain during labor and how to deal with contractions that can cause more pain during delivery. In addition, tips for parents are given. The main topic of one of the maternity classes is how to prepare for labor and what signs to look for when expecting. A discussion about timing intercourse to coincide with ovulation is also included in these classes. Topics covered may include how to get the most comfortable position for having a baby, tips for selecting an ideal partner, and what to do when you’re overdue.

Learn relaxation techniques:

After birth, expectant moms can take classes regarding relaxation techniques. Women are usually at risk of becoming nervous during labor and delivery. Relaxation techniques are recommended to help women cope with this period. Classes include yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques. These tips are beneficial in bringing calm to the woman and enable her to feel better.

Learn how to prepare yourself after birth:

Expectant mothers are also taught tips on how to prepare themselves after birth. During this time, the mums-to-be are advised to stay away from food and drinks that could dehydrate their bodies. It’s best to stay hydrated, so drinking water is a must. Staying away from alcohol and caffeine is highly recommended as well. In addition, expecting mothers-to-be are encouraged to get plenty of rest so that they don’t suffer from fatigue during the weeks after birth.

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