Invisalign are life savers for some people as braces is the one thing which most people struggle with when it comes to self esteem and confidence level. But invisible braces in Dubai have completely changed the game as you no longer have to show anyone what you are doing with your mouth. Yet here are some things which you would want to know about them:

  • It will give you lisps

Invisible braces are called invisible due to some reason. They cannot be seen at all but what you might struggle with is the fact that you won’t be able to speak correctly and openly for a while after getting these braces on. You may want to consider speech therapy but trust us when we say that it will fade away with time and your will learn to speak once again.

  • They are not for everyone

Even though invisalign have the ability to cure a wide array of problems ranging from crooked teeth to treatment of best teeth whitening Dubai it can still not be the right pick for you. The reason behind is that some patients have more severe or complex problems which may be best  when solved with traditional metal braces as this will help the treatment better. Consult your dentist before taking any sort of step towards this.

  • You will need travel oral set

There are times when you will have to have a meal with your friends or family and would not be comfortable in roaming around with these braces later on as the food may still linger in. In such cases you will have to brush after each meal so that your braces stay intact while your teeth stay healthy.

  • You will have to cut down on coffee

It is not only the coffee which is targeted right now in fact it is all of those foods which can stain your teeth because teeth strainers will also stain your braces. Cut down on coffee, tea, red wine or any such sort of food in general so that your invisible braces never become visible.

There are so many other things which you will have to go through such as the mindless snacking which will never be the same because you that for every bite of food which goes in your mouth will have to be immediately brushed out.