When we talk about depression then we always talk about the thing that there is no one definite reason behind this disease because it develops in to the brain over a period of time with several factors involved in its formation. We cannot blame one thing for its development. To seek treatment for this condition, Dubai psychiatry clinics are present which provides better treatment for people who need it most. There are different types of psychologists are available there which provide treatment to different kinds of ailments ad one of them is the anxiety therapist Dubai that provide assistance for the patients of anxiety. They provide a complete list of causes and warning signs for the ease of people to know about it since the beginning. If you want to know about these signs then you need to see this:

Mood change: Mood will be changed of every person in different situations and it is normal and important to have different moods in different situations but the problem starts when a person cannot able to control his moods and his moods change rapidly and without any need. If a person is going through this situation then he must consult a good psychiatrist.

Weight change: It is another important signs. People in this era are going mad about maintaining their weight to a certain level so that they will look lean and shaped but of a person starts losing weight without the intentions of losing it and without any visible change in their diet then it means there is some problem in them and they need treatment. If this condition comes with a hint of sadistic behavior then they should consult a psychiatrist

Sleep change: People who see a change in their sleep pattern like loss of sleep or more sleep without any reason mean that there is something doing through in their head which is messing up with their sleep. If they do not go for treatment at the beginning then it will be very difficult to get proper cure. Sometimes people start taking sleeping pills when they get a lack of sleep but it is not a proper treatment, if they keep taking these pills then there comes a time when these pills will lose their effect and they either have to increase the dose or they will start using abusive drugs.