The treatment of skin can also be done with the help of devices and instruments. New technologies help people to solve any cosmetic problem without surgery. You can also visit aesthetic medical center Dubai for more information about new cosmetic technologies, if you are living in UAE

 INFINI RF lifting:

With the help of this treatment the facial problems like acne on skin, scars on skin, acne scars on skin an easily removed with the help of this device. The machine contains radio pulses which enters in the skin and treat the problem of client. It can treat wrinkles; enlarge pores and other skin related problems.

Geneo dead skin remover:

It is the device which removes the dead part of skin and makes it look fresh and naturally tight. It has some similar features as of ultra sound machine. This device is safe and completely reliable. No damage to skin will occur during the process. It is also used to remove dark circles around the eyes, large scars on face, and wrinkles on face and enlarge pores on skin. It also helps to glow skin complexion

Plasma therapy to remove scars:

It is the technique in which plasma is taken from the blood of patient and it transferred to the part of the facial skin of the patient skin which is dead or which has dead cells. This transferred plasma starts to heal the dead part of skin.

Treatment with the help of Botox:
Botox is a treatment in which aging is stopped with the help of  Botox injection. This drug is made by US drug development authority and it has been used in the field of aesthetic medical science since from 1980s.Mimic muscles are present in skin and they are responsible for the process of aging .With the help of Botox a person can stop the working of mimic muscles in the skin. So in this way Botox helps to stop aging in other words we can say that Botox is anti-aging injection. If you are living in UAE you can buy Botox kit from Botox Abu Dhabi.

Chemical peeling of skin:

In this technique dull skin, dead skin, acne scars and other disorders are removed by the chemical formulation. This chemical formulation causes a little bit of burn also but it doesn’t cause any damage to skin. Most of the formulations are prepared with the help of natural fruit fibers. So because it is a formulation of natural fruits so it is completely safe to use.