The digestive System is the core of your body. Everything and every function of your body depends on what you eat. If you will eat good food then your body work efficiently and if you eat that food which cannot meet the requirements of your body then it would not function properly. For instance, those who suffer from diabetes should follow a dedicated diabetes diet plan.

There are so many diseases and disorders related to intestines and stomach. One of them is IBS. IBS is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Bowel means intestine. In this disorder, your intestine would have itching. It would be irritated due to different reasons and symptoms. 

Signs and Symptoms:

IBS has several signs and symptoms. It includes

  1. Cramping
  2. Bloating
  3. Excessive gas
  4. Constipation 
  5. Diarrhea, and 
  6. Mucus. 

Because of IBS, you may lose weight, vomit suddenly and suffer from bouts of diarrhea. Besides this, you may have bleeding from rectum. You can suffer from deficiency of iron and diarrhea. You would have bouts of it at night, especially.

When you will need to see doctor?

In such cases or development, it is required to have appointment with doctor and tell him or her about these symptom and developing signs because these are further symptoms of IBS which will be faced by people who are suffering from severe and painful IBS.


Although, majority of people are suffering from it, no one knows the causes of this disorder. However it is believed that it caused by 

  1. Irregular contraction of muscles
  2. Miscommunication between neurons and digestive tract
  3. Infection
  4. Inflammation, and 
  5. Altered gut bacteria.

When is IBS the most risky for its patients?

The risk factor of IBS is more if it is diagnosed in young patients, if patients are female, if they have inherited it from their family and if they have any mental health problem.

What is IBS Treatment? 

Usually, IBS is cured by medicines. Yet, majority of patients are advised to change their diet and lifestyle. They are requested have low carb diet. There are four kinds of diet plans for them which includes:

  1. High fibre diet
  2. Gluten free diet
  3. Low fibre diet
  4. Low fat diet
  5. Elimination diet
  6. Low FOODMAP diet

The doctors advise them to have oats, fruits and vegetables in their diet to keep their digestive tract healthy and happy. 

So these are basic details about IBS and its causes and symptoms. To prevent IBS, you need to take care of your health and diet. You can follow diabetes diet plan because diabetic patients are also requested to have less intake of carbohydrates. So, follow the diet plan and get well soon.